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Welcome to Slovakia workshop for newc...

Welcome to Slovakia workshop for newcomers
Home is not  a place, it´s a feeling. Are you a newcomer in Slovakia? Residing here less than 6 months? Then you certainly found out how difficult is to quickly gather basic informations, when you need them. Maybe you even felt lost and helpless. We assure you, we intimatetly know the feeling. We are Internationals [...]
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New Website Launched

July 27, 2014July 27, 2014
Newswebsite Honorary Consul General Mr. Godwin E. Bencini today announced that the Honorary Consulate for the Slovak Republic in Malta has launched its new website. This website is aimed at brining together the Slovak community in Malta, inform them of the Honorary Consulate's work and act as a bridge between Slovakia and Malta. Mr. Bencini encourages all Slovaks, both in Malta and abroad, to engage with this website, share their views and participate in the consulate's affairs.