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4th OKAAAY Rap and Hip-Hop Festival, ...

4th OKAAAY Rap and Hip-Hop Festival, Hradec Kralove, 21 July
4th annual #Okaaay Open Air Festival! Watch video from last year: Saturday 21.07.2018 SUNPARK, HRADEC KRÁLOVÉ 2 stage, an accompanying program and a lot of rap. Take a partner! premises open 18:00, first concerts from 21:00. It’s going on till the morning! LINE UP OPEN STAGE>>> 18:00 open door [...]

EXCLUSIVE: Henry John’s Last St...

EXCLUSIVE: Henry John’s Last Stand; What Happened?
Around 2 pm on Thursday 31 May, Henry John Serafica Acorda († 36) from the Philippines drew his last breath of life at Ruzinov hospital in Bratislava, succumbing to a brutal and senseless beating he had received five days previously from 28-year old Juraj H from Dunajska Streda. The incident has touched a Slovak nerve, [...]

Brexit News from British Embassy in S...

Brexit News from British Embassy in Slovakia
As you may remember, in December the UK and EU agreed the key elements of the UK’s withdrawal: citizens’ rights; financial settlement; and the border with Northern Ireland. Both sides are now in the process of turning that agreement into draft legal text for the formal Withdrawal Agreement. Last week, the UK and EU negotiating teams [...]

In Slovakia, people don’t get r...

In Slovakia, people don’t get really bothered with closed shops during Easter
In Slovakia, most of the shops are closed, as the country – very religious – considers this Easter period very important for family. Most of the people don’t really get bothered with shops closed during this period, as they consider a family moment when everyone can meet and relax. However, Bratislava and Košice might be mor [...]

Women rugby tournament in Bratislava ...

Women rugby tournament in Bratislava against Brno CZ
The Rugby Klub Bratislava has hosted last week-end a women tournament, for the first time in his history. The ladies have competed in a rugby 7s format, 2 times 7 minutes per match, for a total of 4 matches. The teams set for this event were the Slovak Barbarians, with a mixed team players from [...]

New Evidence in Case of Missing Journ...

New Evidence in Case of Missing Journalist Miro Pejko
Ten days ago saw the third anniversary of the disappearance of journalist Miroslav Pejko from his home without a trace, with very little known about what transpired that fateful day on 17 March 2015. Recent events in Slovakia sparked by the cold-blooded execution of investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancee Martina Kusnirova have du [...]

EC Legal Text on Brexit – Respo...

EC Legal Text on Brexit – Response of British In Europe
The European Commission has published the agreed legal text for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. In response, Jane Golding, Chair of British in Europe said: ‘Contrary to what David Davis and Michel Barnier are saying, this document provides no more certainty for the 1.2mn British people living in the EU 27, EEA and Switzerland [...]

Slovakia’s Future in Question a...

Slovakia’s Future in Question as Protests Grow Stronger
People took to the streets again in their thousands throughout Slovakia today to send a clear signal that they will not be appeased or silenced by the cheap tradeoff offered by outgoing PM Robert Fico, whose party would remain in power and hold all the same ministries. Today’s protests up and down the country were [...]

Rugby XV | Derby: Rugby Klub Bratisla...

Rugby XV | Derby: Rugby Klub Bratislava vs Rugby Club Slovan Bratislava
  Forr the first time in Slovak history, the two clubs of the capital will compete this Saturday. The Slovak league is composed with the two clubs of Bratislava, Trnava, Piestany, Zilina. However, Kosice located in Eastern Slovakia, doesn’t below to this “Western league”. Built in 2016, this rugby XV Slovak league has set th [...]

Will Slovaks Accept Fico’s Clon...

Will Slovaks Accept Fico’s Clone Government? Let the Revolution Begin
And so it is. Outgoing PM Robert Fico has abdicated his government to be replaced by an almost carbon copy with a few chess pieces moved around. Fico himself will remain in power until a new government is appointed, led by his hitherto sidekick, Deputy PM Peter Pellegrini. The hope is that this will extinguish [...]
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New Website Launched

July 27, 2014July 27, 2014
Newswebsite Honorary Consul General Mr. Godwin E. Bencini today announced that the Honorary Consulate for the Slovak Republic in Malta has launched its new website. This website is aimed at brining together the Slovak community in Malta, inform them of the Honorary Consulate's work and act as a bridge between Slovakia and Malta. Mr. Bencini encourages all Slovaks, both in Malta and abroad, to engage with this website, share their views and participate in the consulate's affairs.