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In Slovakia, people don’t get r...

In Slovakia, people don’t get really bothered with closed shops during Easter
In Slovakia, most of the shops are closed, as the country – very religious – considers this Easter period very important for family. Most of the people don’t really get bothered with shops closed during this period, as they consider a family moment when everyone can meet and relax. However, Bratislava and Košice might be mor [...]

Diversity unites us festival on Satur...

Diversity unites us festival on Saturday 22.10
Non-profit organization Foreigners in Bratislava (Cudznici v Bratislave) has been dealing with a society-wide problem, which is based on fear of receiving, acceptance and integration of foreigners and asylum seekers in Slovakia. The aim of the project “Diversity unites us” is to tear down barriers between communities of different cultures, la [...]

1st Place for Slovak Student at Inter...

1st Place for Slovak Student at International Food Culture Contest
Fremont, California, U.S.A – Alexandra Fehérová, an 8th Grader at Cambridge International School in Bratislava won 1st place in the art category at the 2016 International Youth Food Culture Contest. Top winners in both the writing and art categories in this year’s contest were announced by the organizing committee. International Youth Food Cu [...]

Heavyweight Rematch at W5 – &ld...

Heavyweight Rematch at W5 – “Fortune favours the brave”
World version W5 and “Rebuy Stars” gambling houses will put on the third event of W5 European league in Zvolen, Slovakia, September 10. Bouts in the heavyweight and super heavyweight classes supposed to be especially action-packed due to the high degree of risk which always waits for each of the opponents in such divisions. In [...]

Gonsofus (RU/HU) – live in Brat...

Gonsofus (RU/HU) – live in Bratislava – Friday 4.3.16
Russian/Hungarian duo GONSOFUS is taking over Re:Fresh club again! Rock, reggae, dub, hip-hop, and many other transcontinental grooves fused together into the original GONSOFUS style. On stage you’ll see 2 people sharing over 7 instruments and through live-looping creating the sound of a full ensemble – live on the spot. Support f [...]

BA Concert: Beat of the Balkans with ...

BA Concert: Beat of the Balkans with Goran Bregovic
Do you want to see the Balkan live? Do you want to be part of the party? If you think of typical Balkan music, then there is no better choice than to see Goran Bregovic wedding and funeral band this Wednesday at the NTC in Bratislava. Most of the current concert-going generation is familiar with [...]

BA Concert: Gonsofus and Serpico Acou...

BA Concert: Gonsofus and Serpico Acoustik, Friday 9th
Gonsofus is an interesting musical project which mixes various genres such as reggae, rock, funk, ska and afro-beat and combines it with vocals in different languages. Their music, played by a two-man band, has a solid spine of percussion and live looping of various instruments. It is not overstretching to claim that it constitutes a [...]

Christmas From a Slovak Perspective

Christmas From a Slovak Perspective
In Slovakia, the period of Christmas starts after All Saint´s Day. This is the time when cities, villages and shops are decorated. The most common decorations are the Christmas trees which must be present everywhere, just like the illuminations. Outside, natural trees are decorated, in the place where they grow originally, or they may be [... [...]

A True Flamenco Experience in Bratisl...

A True Flamenco Experience in Bratislava
In recent years a new flamenco generation had appeared and grown in Slovakia reaching a considerable artistic spread within both national and international flamenco activities. The band PONTE PARDO is no exception. In a well mixed eccentric drink for connoisseurs, together with their artistic guests, they bring a fresh combination of  flamenc [...]

Musical Tsunami with Waves Bratislava

Musical Tsunami with Waves Bratislava
The Bratislava club and showcase festival has announced the names of as many as 91 artists who will perform October 3-5 in 9 attractive venues, all in the area just next to SNP square. Visitors are thus offered a unique opportunity to see potential future stars before their rise to fame and each club just [...]
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New Website Launched

July 27, 2014July 27, 2014
Newswebsite Honorary Consul General Mr. Godwin E. Bencini today announced that the Honorary Consulate for the Slovak Republic in Malta has launched its new website. This website is aimed at brining together the Slovak community in Malta, inform them of the Honorary Consulate's work and act as a bridge between Slovakia and Malta. Mr. Bencini encourages all Slovaks, both in Malta and abroad, to engage with this website, share their views and participate in the consulate's affairs.